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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Letter to Ms Kola Boof ....

Dear Ms. Kola, I thought writing you this note would help you understand. You are a disrespectful african woman who does not know how to handle yourself. I am highly upset. You are grown, not 2! I expect you to handle your problems more maturely. Not run to the New York Times or into Kimora's mentions. Now, as for you coming for Kimora, is beyond me. In your article to the NY Times you claim that Kimora ruined your WHOLE life in 2008. Hmm... In 2008, Kimora was working hard, releasing fragrances and working on Life In the Fab Lane. I don't know how you "thought" during this time she was ruining your life. You also state that this all happened during your "brain cancer" treatment. Now, firstly, I know Kimora and I KNOW that she would never do such a cruel thing while you were battling what you were battling. Another thing that is upsetting was that you claimed to sleep with Djimon after your husband left you. Woman BOO HOO Djimon was no where near you and you know that! When you did this NY Times interview, you said you slept with him to get revenge on Kimora. Yet, you failed to state WHY you needed to get revenge on Kimora. That right there proves my point. You lied. You made up all this bull to give Kimora a bad reputation and I'm not having it. You need to understand that actions speak louder than words, and right now, your actions AND words are cruel, hurtful, and below the belt. It makes me sick to see how BAD you want to hurt Kimora and make her feel like shit. Its uncalled for. I know before I was dragging and acting out of pocket, but I thought addressing you with a letter would be better. You don't have to see this, although I want everyone ELSE to see it! To discover that you really are a lying, irrelevant woman. I'm not asking for much, but you for to just let this ALL GO! Its hurting Kimora and making you look more stupid and unstable. An apology to Kimora and Djimon would be great as well!! Kola your not perfect, never will you ever be, but act like your AGE and grow the hell up. Kimora is on a high road to success right now and really does not have time to deal with this crap you're giving her! I know you want her to get upset + fire up back at you, but let me tell you now, she's not. Why? cause she's a grown ass woman and respects her own! You should do the same and FOLLOW her example. Have some respect, please. I hope you all who are reading this letter understand, that there is a time and place for everything. To some, this is just bull crap. But to me, this is addressing someone who has the audacity to confront an amazing role model like Kimora Lee Simmons. Yes, I am her fanclub and I will stand beside her through thick and thin, so will #TeamFabulosity. Thank You and I hope you've learned something Kola. Sincerly, Aaliyah (KLSH_FanClub)