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Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Year Ago.............. Boycotting BabyPhat

Hello Fabs! SO it's been brought to my attention that today makes it a YEAR since Kimora has departed from Baby Phat. Now, ever since this horrible departure, Kimora has STILL being asked constantly, "Are you still with Baby Phat? -- I love your Baby Phat clothes" OR questions like this, "I've brought your BabyPhat shoes and the zipper doesn't work -- I hate the new maxi dress from the summer collection with Baby Phat" Okay readers, just know that KIMORA IS NOT WITH BABY PHAT!!! This word hasn't be clearly spread!!!! Please don't blame HER for a mistake on a piece of clothing that she does not HAVE any longer! If people keep ASKING the same question, its going to become more aggravating!! Kimora should be tired of the same question asked over + over! Ask her about her evolution or what new projects she has coming! But not about being with Baby Phat!

Back to WHY this title is labeled, "One YEAR Ago". I was sleeping and a fellow fab of mines wakes me up with a text saying, "KLS has LEFT BabyPhat!!!" I jumped out of bed and tears rolled down my face cause I was distraught and confused! Kimora had not too long ago, that morning, posted the leave from BabyPhat. Kimora was upset and crying as well (even though she was behind a blackberry), and I was right there soothing her pain! She wasn't upset because of the leave, but because the reason she LEFT Baby Phat. It took me quite a WHILE to understand and read between the lines on why she left. So, that morning I was letting everyone know she left babyphat, to block their twitter page, unfollow them, and all that good stuff. But I'VE NEVER KNEW WHY she left!! Many SAY, she wanted to start over. Wait, back-up! Start Over!!? On a brand she had for 15 YEARS! She left for fact of Kellwood (the owners of babyphat) were racist + sexist!!! Kimora is woman of COLOR and they couldn't take it!! Well Kellwood you should always have RESPECT whether the person is the color of a RAINBOW!!

Now this ALL became CLEAR with the help of a fab, Sugar!! Sugar was HOT on Kellwoods HEELS for the EXACT same reason I was!! She has a blog: http://www.boycottbabyphat.blogspot.com simply STATING her anger and pain about the fact Kellwood let Kimora GO!! And now I end my speech. Kellwood, you deserve WORST than what you already have!! Letting GO your money-maker and now you have NO BACK-UP plan!! SMH!! You know what Kimora is?! She's the BEST THING YOU NEVER HAD!!!! She's back up on her feet and stomping you in the ground! As Sugar says (on her blog) No RESPECT!? No DOLLARS!! --- Comment below & remember DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BABY PHAT!!! Boycott them to the END!! Here's a song 4 YOU Kellwood! What goes around, comes back around! GR8 Day!! - Aaliyah

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